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An innovative modern approach has been expanded through many system and innovations in the current working environment. For that moment, Human Resouce is the most valuable asset to manage in the company, especially the operative employees who are instructed on fieldwork or as a form of service from the company.

ATAC offers enhance features with many values and concept implemented in the system that gives and exclusive experiences in growing up in your company. To expand ATAC is stand for Assign, Track, Attend, and Control.

This Function is use the manage workers in carrying out their duties on better outcomes and goals. This application integrated for advanced Human resource management and monitoring system.


Through this function, employees will obtain information from the ATAC application that has been installed on their smartphone about the details of the tasks


Assist employees to get information about customers’ locations and the fastest route to that location. And allows managers to be able to monitor employees on duty in real-time


Manager can find out the availability and presence of his employees that on duty outside the office, by looking at the active/inactive indicators


Help to access information about progress of workers as a reference in evaluating their work and improve their employees’ performance  in the future