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Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Detects smoke and wirelessly transmits a signal to a receiver(control panel). It also has a built in buzzer to warn people in the immediate vicinity. For testing purposes the detector is equipped with a testing button. The detector makes regular auto testing and reports its condition to the system regularly for full supervision.


Power 6VDC
Current Static 20Ua-40Ua,alarm 20mA
Battery lifetime About 2 year
Working environment indoor use -5 to +50
Low voltage indication Sound once in each 2 hours
Self-test indication Red LED turn on then buzzer sound
Alarm output indication Red LED turn on 5 seconds then
Current Static 20Ua-40Ua, alarm 20mA  buzzer sound
Working frequency 433,92 MHz
Working range Max. 100 m (open area)
Radiation of sensor Max. 4 kBq
Built-in siren 95dB/1m
LED jumper Short circuit ON,open circuit OFF

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